YPN-ULEM Committees

    Civic Engagement

    “Keeping you informed about the issues that matter.”

    This committee focuses on providing opportunities for YPN-ULEM members, friends and the community-at-large to be politically engaged and informed. This committee also focuses on voter registration and political candidate forums.

    Community Service

    "Engaging young professionals in selfless service”

    This committee coordinates YPN-ULEM’s community-based projects and activities. This committee’s mission is to provide opportunities to volunteer within the community. It also focuses on creating awareness about human service issues.

    Fund Development

    “Establishing strategic alliances and partnerships to keep YPN-ULEM moving forward.”

    This committee focuses on developing reliable, innovative, and strategic fundraising initiatives and partnerships which will allow YPN-ULEM to make financial contributions to our affiliate and provide our members the best membership experience possible.

    Membership Services

    “The power of YPN-ULEM is in the strength of its members.”

    This committee focuses on growing and retaining YPN-ULEM’s membership.  It also works on partnering with organizations to provide membership benefits and perks.

    Policy and Procedures

    “Maintaining the letter of the law.”

    This committee regulates chapter operations through the utilization of Robert’s Rules of Order and the chapter by-laws. This committee is chaired by the Parliamentarians. Membership of this committee requires approval by the President.

    Professional and Social Development

    “Connecting people, changing lives and empowering the next generation of leaders.”

    This committee plans and coordinates YPN-ULEM’s professional and personal development programming. It also focuses on providing opportunities for members to network and socialize.

    Public Health

    “Live S.M.A.R.T.”

    This committee educates YPN-ULEM members, friends and the community-at-large on living a holistic, healthy life through the S.M.A.R.T. program. It also focuses on providing programming that highlights societal health issues.

    Public Relations and Marketing

    “Promoting YPN-ULEM’s Empowerment Story”

    This committee manages the YPN-ULEM brand and social media campaigns, ensuring upcoming events, programs, and opportunities are shared with the membership. It also examines new ways of sending information to the membership and handles media inquiries.

    Youth Development & Education

    “Preparing Youth for Their Future”

    This committee focuses on youth empowerment and coordinates programming for community youth.