Committee Chairs

    Civic Engagement



    Kristen Halbert currently serves as Chair of the Civic Engagement committee for the YPN-ULEM. Kristen is a MS Candidate of the Urban Planning and Community Development program at UMass Boston, where she previously graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor's in Environmental, Earth, and Ocean Science. She is also a 2016-17 delegate for City Awake, a civic innovation lab of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. Her ongoing work with Roslindale Village Main Streets has earned her a Boston Main Streets Volunteer of the Year award. 

    "I chose to join because I could see the need for participation in the process from people outside the traditional power structure. By changing the voices at the table, we can change the direction of the discussion. Over the next two years, I would like to increase our political influence, engagement in local and state elections, and educate young professionals about the power of the ballot box."

    Community Service

    YPN-ULEM welcomes any person who wishes to take on a leadership role!

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    Fund Development

    YPN-ULEM welcomes any person who wishes to take on a leadership role!

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    Membership Services

    YPN-ULEM welcomes any person who wishes to take on a leadership role!

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    Professional & Social Development



    Elizabeth Walker serves as Chair of the Professional & Social Development Committee for the YPN-ULEM. Liz has a Bachelor's degree in Corporate Communications with a minor in Management and Accounting & Finance from Bridgewater State University. She is currently attending UMASS Boston for her Master's in International Management. Along with her involvement with the YPN-ULEM, she also manages the Outreach Ministry at her local church, New Life Restoration Temple in Dorchester, MA, as well as serves on the executive committee for the UMASS Boston Chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA). Liz strives to help people discover and achieve their personal and professional goals. She believes that success and fulfillment in these areas of your life will lead to both economic and mental empowerment.

    "I chose to join YPN-ULEM and lead as Chair of Professional & Social Development to use my skill set for a cause that will help people in the community grow personally and professionally. As a change agent, I will connect people with the resources they need to build and confidently display a personal brand that reflects their values, interests, and aspirations. As a chapter leader, I hope to achieve a solid Professional & Social Development core over the next few years. I want employers to see YPN-ULEM membership as commonplace for future leaders of industry."

    Public Health

    YPN-ULEM welcomes any person who wishes to take on a leadership role!

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    Public Relations & Marketing





    Tiffany Cooper currently serves as Co-Chair of Public Relations and Marketing Committee for the YPN-ULEM. Tiffany is a Masters of Business Administration Candidate at Simmons College, where she previously graduated with her Masters in Social Work with a Certificate in Urban Leadership. Tiffany is a member of the National Black MBA Association. She is also the current YPN-ULEM's 2016 Member of the Year recipient.

    "I chose to join because I wanted to be more connected to the community that I grew up in and made me who I am today."

    Youth Development & Education



    Martina Durant currently serves as Chair of the Youth Development & Education committee for the YPN-ULEM.  Martina has a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Syracuse University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Hampton University. In YPN-ULEM and her professional career, Martina strives to "each one, teach one". She knows the greatest strides towards social justice and equity come from our youth and believes her impact in the movement comes from supporting and mentoring youth in our community.

    "I joined YPN-ULEM because I wanted to give back and be more engaged in my community; while connecting with and learning from other young professionals seeking to impact change. As Youth Development and Education Chair, I hope to connect youth with access to knowledge and opportunities that encourage self-awareness, empowerment, leadership, and diversity."