Established in October 10, 2000, the Young Professionals Network of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts (YPN-ULEM) purpose is to support the objectives of the National Urban League, Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, and National Urban League Young Professionals; to promote the development of young professionals in the Greater Boston and Eastern MA areas.

    The Young Professionals Network (YPN-ULEM) is an auxiliary of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts and a chapter of the National Urban League Young Professionals.  Our chapter is one of over fifty nationwide that supports the Urban League Movement through volunteerism, philanthropy, and membership development.

    Operating as one of the premier young professionals’ organization in Massachusetts, YPN-ULEM offers professional development, networking, and volunteer opportunities.  Members of YPN-ULEM develop their leadership abilities, improve their marketability, and build their networks, while giving back to the Greater Boston Community.  Since its inception, YPN-ULEM has hosted several professional and social programs ranging from the Homelessness and Hunger Awareness Initiative and Public Health Seminars to Political Forums and Financial Literacy Education.  All of our professional and service programs are open to all people


    The mission of the Young Professionals Network of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts (YPN-ULEM) is to build community, promote personal and career development, and cultivate a welcoming, inclusive environment in Greater Boston for young people (ages 19 to 40) of color.